The way the design process works is the following:
  1. First you select a product from our catalog (or send us a design or idea of your own).
  2. Then you can download in our website a form in which you can fill up the measures that you require for the product or just let us know what you need.
  3. Once you tell us which product you want we’ll send you a CAD drawing of the product.
  4. If it is needed you can make corrections on the drawing, we’ll make the required changes and send it back to you (we’ll repeat this step until you are 100% satisfied with the product we’re designing).
  5. Once you’re satisfied you’ll sign the drawing meaning that you have approved the product.
How to pay:
  1. Once you have approved your product, the next step is pay 50% of your products’ cost in advance so that we can start working on it (i.e. if your product cost $1,500.00 USD you’ll have to pay us $750.00 USD in advance). We accept two payment methods; you can wire transfer us to an account we’ll be giving you, or we can send you a PayPal request so that you can pay us thru there.
  2. Once you make the advance payment we’ll start working on your order and we’ll give you an estimated time of shipment.
  3. When your order is ready to be shipped we’ll send you photos of the products you ordered, that way you can check them to see that they’re fine before we send them to you.
  4. After you receive the photos and confirm that everything is fine, the next step is to pay the remaining 50% of the value of your order, once we receive the payment we’ll immediately send you your order
  • We accept two payment methods; you can wire transfer us to an account we’ll be giving you, or we can send you a PayPal request so that you can pay us thru there.
  • Once you approve the design of your products we’ll need you to send us a shipping address, company name, tax number and name of the person who’ll receive it.
  • All of our products prices are FOB factory.
  • If you require it we’ll get you hooked up with a shipping company and a customs agent to help you all along the process so that we won’t have any problems, we’ll be in touch we the customs agent and transportation company at all time.
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